Smoking Celebrities
Dude, you're so deep I can't even see you.


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Jessica Lange
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Garrett Hedlund
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James  Dean

Anonymous asked: Man, good for you. Stick with the choices you feel will benefit you.

Anonymous asked: To that last anon-yes.You should see a dentist regularly to screen for oral cancer, which can be fatal. Additionally, you still have increased risk of COPD, heart disease, and lung cancer.Heart disease is responsible for most smoking-related deaths,followed by COPD,followed by lung cancer,followed by head and neck cancers which includes oral cancer.Your odds of developing one of these diseases and dying from it is 50%.I'm not judging at all, I use nicotine myself, but everyone deserves the facts

Anonymous asked: hold up. so you've quit smoking but post pictures of celebrities glamorizing smoking???

Anonymous asked: Don't quit smoking it's great. We can become smoking buddies.

Respect people’s choices please.

Anonymous asked: When I smoke I don't swallow so the smoke doesn't go in my lungs but it stays in my mouth and I've heard that you can get mouth cancer is that true ? And should I take a break because my mouth really hurts ?

Anonymous asked: Post more photos of yourself smoking, you babe.

Sorry, I’ve quit. There are some floating around though from a couple years ago.

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Jason Lee

nuggetbabe asked: aah do you like supernatural? jensen ackles is just too hot for words. your blog is amazing by the way, keep it up!

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