Smoking Celebrities
Dude, you're so deep I can't even see you.

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sorry guys. this is like when moms post a million pix of their new baby. well Bonnie is my new baby so suck it up and stare.
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- “Is that your blood?”
- “Some of it, yeah.”
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Lana Del Rey
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Jhene Aiko

offthebeatenpath98 asked: You have gifs and photos from almost all my favorite shows 😂 game of thrones, don't trust the b, awkward, etc. You have good taste in tv

 jk yes i am.

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Anonymous asked: Curious how old are you? Very bad ass!!

i’ll be 21 in august!!

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Welcome to the family Baby B! <3 <3

Anonymous asked: YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous asked: Hey was just wondering, I smoke coz of stress and stuff. How did you start smoking? Xx😘

i live in nola and smoking is almost an essential social thing for college kids. bad excuse to starting but it’s my truth.

tinyseraphim asked: Random question! How tall r u?


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Daniel Day Lewis

Anonymous asked: instagram??



anon ^^^

Anonymous asked: u r so pretty, omfg

fineteasir asked: lookin good (Y)